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Advertise in Goalfinder
The value of an ad is in its ability to get the right message to the right person at the right time with least capital.


 »  IN-POSTER ADS: Printed posters keep on giving returns forever In-poster ads
 »  IN-ANIMATION ADS: Online and offline viewers see them everyday in-animation ads
 »  IN-PREVIEW ADS: Animated Previews are viewed by thousands every day in-preview ads
 »  IN-PAGE ADS: Target audience see focused ads in related product pages In-page ads
 »  Schemes: Offers & schemes for multiple insertions Schemes
 »  Submission: Process of submitting the ad Submission
 »  Related issues‡: Policies, payment, cancellation etc. Related issues

‡ Please read our policies in "related issues", if you submit an ad to us, we will take it that you have read them and agreed to them.

  IN-POSTER ADS      » Advertisement placed in posters gives triple benefit    

  • Online : They are viewed online and and their free images are downloaded by thousands every day, all over the world.
  • Forever : Once downloaded the ad remains on the poster, there is no limit to its reprints, it keeps on giving you returns even after you stop advertising as all posters downloaded during the period retain your ad.
  • Exclusivity - Yours will be the only ad on the poster downloaded from our site during the period.

CAMPAIGN RATE CARD (In-poster advertising in one poster)
Rate per month/poster
Cost USD
$2100 « BIG Offer
$2000* « Jumbo Offer

* PS1 : Sponsor a poster - we will allow a free download of this poster from our site for one month - imagine the kind of reach your logo and product will get, when this poster/s are pasted in schools, colleges, homes and street corners all around the world.
More info on creative       Check out special schemes    Related Issues

  IN-ANIMATION ADS     » Logo or advertisement placed inside animation gives bigger benefit  

Our science animation are viewed online and shown in classrooms and conferences. Place a logo or advertisement in the animation. They keep on giving returns even after advertising is stopped as all products downloaded during the period retain the ad forever.
  • Online : These animation are viewed online by hundred of subscribers.
  • Forever : Once downloaded, this animation is seen in schools, colleges, homes, conferences etc. for unlimited times.
CAMPAIGN RATE CARD (In-Animation logo/banner/ advertisement in one animation)
Rate per month /Animation
Cost USD
« BIG Offer
$1000 †
$2000 †
« Jumbo Offer

† AS1 : Advertise in a product "freely available" for viewing online at our site under category "free animation" these have very high viewership and have been linked by many sites and hundreds of visitors see them everyday. Your ad will be seen many hundred times in a day by captive audience viewing these animation for free.

More info on creative       Check out special schemes    Related Issues

  IN-PREVIEW ADS    » Logo or advertisement placed inside animation gives bigger benefit  

All preview of animation are free-to-view online at our site. They have very high viewership; each preview is minimum 2-minutes duration, ensuring complete viewer involvement. Place a logo or advertisement in the preview and your ad will be seen thousand of times in a day.
CAMPAIGN RATE CARD (In-Preview logo/ Banner / advertisement in one preview)
Rate per month / Preview
Cost USD
« BIG Offer

More info on creative       Check out special schemes    Related Issues

  IN-PAGE ADS      » Ad on the related product page or on all "product pages" for maximum visibility  

The main entry and exit for viewing animation and previews takes place through product pages. A sure-shot way of ensuring visibility of your ad; put a banner or logo in the page/ pages.

The viewer's demographics are spread over parents, teachers, students, managers and CEOs. We sell hundreds of focused products online everyday. Look at the numbers of the visitors per month and the time they spend on our site.

Per month
Hits ………..…………...375,000
Page views ………………40,000
35% viewers spend more than 25 minutes on site
18% viewers spend more than 45 minutes on site

CAMPAIGN RATE CARD (In-Page logo/ Banner in one page)
Rate per month /Page
Cost USD
$7200 « BIG Offer
$3000 †
$4000 † « Jumbo Offer

† WS1 : Insert your logo /banner on all product pages in uncluttered left hand column, your banner ad will be shown exclusively (solo presence) in the left hand column of all the product pages and index page on Goalfinder site, no visitor can miss you, as yours will be the only ad in that column. These pages have very high viewership and have been linked by many sites and thousands of visitors see them everyday.

More info on creative       Check out special schemes    Related Issues


 Scheme 1- Combo offer : Insert an advertisement in animation or preview and add a logo/banner at 50% cost of Logo. For in-page add a banner and add a logo at 50% cost of logo.
Example : If you decide to take a in-preview ad for 3-months
Cost of ad for 3 - months = $ 675 x 3 = $ 2025
Add on cost for logo for 3 -months = $475 x 3 = $1425
Without combo the cost will be :$2025 + $1425 = $3450
In Combo the cost will be :$2025 + 1/2($1425) = $2737
You save : $3450 - $2737 = $713

 Scheme 2 - Multiple offer : Insert your logo / ad in multiple in a option of advertising to get further discounts. Please note all multiple ads will occur simultaneously in that particular option and cannot be spread over the year nor over different options ( for example 4 multiple ads for 3 month in-page campaign will only occur in 4 -different pages simultaneously for 3-months, also the in-page ads will occur in in-page option only, putting them in any other option like in-animation or in-preview is not possible) . Send us a list to display your ad in.
Example: If you decide to take a three month package for in-page logo and choose 4 insertions, you payment will be

Charges for 3 month package : $ 1425
Charges for 4 insertions : $ 1425 x 4 = $5700
What you will pay to us : $1425 x 3 = $4275
You save : $5700 - $4275 = $1425

The pages you can insert your logo = any 4 pages of your choice for 3 - months. You can also choose different pages every month provided space is available on those pages in that month.

Number of Insertions
Pay Only For



1) Register
2) Submit Campaign details
3) Make Payments
4) Submit Material

1) Register on our site : Register

2) Submit Campaign Details : using the link below mention your user name (used for registering as shown above), type in your login id, mention campaign id ( code on the left hand column of rate card) in subject correctly, using our contact us form or by emailing the ad to us; for our e-mail address refer the end of this document.
We will then send a email to you with your "Ref Id". Quote to us your "Ref Id" for all further transactions including payment.

3) Make Payments : Make payments only after having received an email from us with your Ref ID, mention it with your payment details, it helps us track down the payments and match ads and payments. Mention your user name clearly when submitting the payment. Once our accounts have been credited we will send a confirming e-mail to you then you can submit material. The payment options are as follows :
a) Credit Card
b) Wire Transfer
c) Cheque or Demand Draft

a) Credit Card :
Fast transaction. Pay through credit card. All credit card transactions are done through leading south asian payment gateway,Ccavenue; a trusted verisign authenticated payment gateway. Click here to verify their certificate. Do check out the payment gateway at or click on the logo. Check out our payment security policy from here.

Once we receive the campaign mail from you we update your " My Account" section with the invoice for payment and send you a Ref ID, which will be same as the one in "My Account" you can use any of the cards for paying us online.

b) Telegraphic or wire transfer : Wire transfer normally take upto 2-3 working days to realize.
Use the following form to remit the payment to us through your bank. You can remit money from your local bank to our account by giving wire transfer Instructions to your local bank. It typically takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account from the time you place the request with your bank. Please check here for other correspondent bank swift code if you want to remit funds in currency other than USD. The portion in bold in below form will remain constant for all currencies. The form at your local bank will have a provision to fill in your account number, amount, purpose etc. E-mail to us the details of the transfer along with your Ref Id.

» Give the instructions to your bankers in the following format for remittance in USD:

Please Transfer funds in currency USD to

Swift Code :  CHASUS33

For credit to: HDFC Bank Ltd.
Bank's Account Number :
INBB 0011406717

For further credit to customer Account Number : 0861000060301
Account Name : Amit Kulshresth
Branch : HDFC bank, Vishal Hall, Andheri (E), Mumbai, India


Bank Name
Swift Code
HDFC Account No.
JPMorgan Chase Manhattan Bank, London, UK
JPMorgan Chase Manhattan Bank, Tokyo, Japan
JPMorgan Chase Manhattan Bank, FRANFURT
Emirates Bank International, Dubai,UAE
ANZ Melbourne, Australia
For other currencies refer this list

c) Crossed Cheque or demand draft : Normally takes around 10 days in post and 18 days to get credited to our bank account. Your ads will only start after that. Send your Ref ID and User Name along with the cheque.
For cheque - Pay : Amit Kulshresth HDFC Account No 0861000060301
For DD : In favor of Amit Kulshresth payable at : Mumbai , India
Address : Goalfinder, No 9, Yamuna, Building, Vasant Sagar, Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai-400101, India

3) Submit Material : Attach your ad images or SWF, ads may be submitted using the email facility at  contact-us Mention your user name in Name and your login email, in subject Mention REF ID, in description whatever details you want to put in about the material, please indicate the tentative range of dates instead of exact dates for the start of the campaign, attach your material using attachment facility. Alternatively you can also send us the material by emailing the ad to us; for our e-mail address refer the end of this document. Please be sure to include all necessary fonts and images for display ads, if you are sending a PSD or FLA file.

What happens after you submit material : Ads typically take 1-2 business days to setup for jpg and 4 days for SWF after we receive the payment, all creative and other materials. Schedule may be delayed due to non-availibility of dates, if material is not apt , communication is not clear and in the to and fro e-mail interaction.

Once we have received the material we will send an acknowledgment, if there is no further query from our side and everything is in order, then we will upload the ad. We will inform you about its uploading through e-mail, please confirm its appropriateness to us. If the ad is placed in animation then we will send you a key to view the animation to confirm the ads presence.

  Related Issues

Design :

We prefer static (non-animated, non-flashing, non-irritating) banners, logos and advertisement wherever possible in line with the seriousness and the get-up of the site; extreme or distracting animation are discouraged. All ads will be hosted on our server.

Formats Accepted : JPEG, or GIF files at 100 ppi (pixels per inch). Please include click-thru URL information for all logos/ banners in the mail that you send these files in as attachments.

Media: Flash ads are accepted but are subject to review. Use buttons or text link to your url inside the swf, do not insert any other scripting that will direct the user away to other sites.Refer our inappropriate ad rules for this. Audio insertion into flash file may begin no earlier than the second frame. If audio is used, creative must include an On/Off switch for users. Audio must be user-initiated and never automatic.

Formats Not Accepted : Animated GIF, pop-up ads, Java Applets, CGI Scripts ads, remote hosted ad.

Deadlines: Emailed GIF or JPEG ads must be submitted 48 hours before campaign start date, Monday
through Saturday. SWF must be submitted 4 business days before campaign start date to allow for testing and changes.

File Size: Refer creative for each category.

Placement: Refer creative for each category.

Dimensions : Ad must fill the entire allotted space but in no case should extend beyond the allotted space indicated in the creative, these inappropriate ads will be sent back to you for modification.

File Transfer: E-mail files to us using contact us, all the attachments can be uploaded using the facility in the form itself.

Modification or ad change : You can change your ad maximum once per 30 days per contract (for example, you can show 3 different ads in a 3-month contract).

Design : If you do not have a suitable banner or button graphic available, we can design one for you (subject to mutual approval) for a one-off fee of $100 ( banner) or $50 ( button/ logo), the rights to said banner or button revert to you upon completion, making it available for use elsewhere if you so wish. Contact us for advertisement or advertorial design separately.

Traffic :
Monthly fixed-price insertions do not have a guaranteed minimum or maximum number of impressions or click-throughs. We do not track the click-through rates on banners. We recommend that you make provision for some form of external click-through monitoring via your own response management software or traffic logs in order to check the traffic.

Publication Policy Related

We prefer the use of static (non-animated, non-flashing, non-irritating) banners and buttons wherever possible.
We reserve the right to refuse a particular design based on our own criteria as to whether it might lower the tone, spoil the look and feel of the site, or unduly annoy site users to the detriment of the site's traffic. The refusal can be done even after the payment is made for inappropriate ads, we request a resubmission of different design to the advertiser, or else a refund is made as per our refund policy.

  • All the ads will be hosted on our server, we do not allow for remote hosting for the display of ads on our site.
  • We cannot guarantee the publication date of the ad but we will try to publish it as close to the schedule as possible - The schedule may be delayed due to non-availibility of dates, if material is not apt , communication is not clear and in the to and fro e-mail interaction.
  • Advertisers and sponsors have no control over editorial decisions or our advertising policy.
  • We do not ensure in any way that a competitors ad will not feature along with your ad.

Preview : Your logo / advertisement / advertorial will be displayed only in preview "seen online" on our site but not on the CDs that we produce / license separately for distribution by companies and distributors.

Posters : Your logo / advertisement will be displayed on poster "downloaded from our site" but not on the high resolution poster that we license separately for offset printing.

Animation : your logo / advertisement / advertorial will be displayed only in animation"downloaded" or "seen online" on our site" but not on the CDs that we produce / license separately for distribution.

Link related :

Advertisements may link off-site to its parent commercial Web site. Linking URLs must be domain name based and cannot be the IP address (i.e., http://200.123.456.789 ).

Payment related :
Before an ad appears, you must register on our site and send us the user name in your e-mail to us, registration will help us to generate an invoice in your " My account" section, this could be paid online through credit card or for wire transfer send you an e-mail.

Prepayment for an ad is a necessary condition. Payment can be made with a credit card or through wire transfer. We can also e-mail you an invoice for the ad. We are not obligated to publishing your ad after receiving your payment, payment is one of the steps for publishing it , if the ad is inappropriate in anyway, it will be indicated to you and resubmission of material is requested, in case you decline to do so, a refund according to our refund policy is made.

If you operate within an invoicing system that takes weeks rather than days to process items, please bear this in mind when placing your order.

All ad prices are net. There are no agency discounts.

Refund Related :

Cancellation by the Advertiser : A cancellation fee of 50% of the invoice total will be levied if an ad is annulled by the advertiser before 25% of the disply time . However if the ad. is canceled after 25% of the time has passed, no refund will be given.

» 90% refund : if material is submitted but cancellation occurs from either parties before ad appears on the site ( 10 % includes the processing charges charged by banks and our payment gateway, our charges for processing your ad and the mail charges for sending the cheque to you)
» 50% refund : If the ad is published on the site but canceled by either parties before 25% time elapses ( before 7 days for one month campaign, 23 days for 3 month campaign, 45 days for six month and 92 days for 12 month campaign - here a day ends at 2400 hours as per Indian standard time)
» 0% refund for anytime after the 25% time elapses as mentioned above.

Procedure for cancellation : Send us an e-mail from the e-mail address that you registered with us- giving details of the campaign and the payment method and your registered address and the reason for cancellation. We will send a confirming e-mail to you and you must reply back to confirm the cancellation. We will then send you a crossed cheque through airmail in the name and address you first registered with us.

Cancellation by Goalfinder :

Unable to display your ad : If such failure to display the advertisement is not caused by an act or omission of the advertiser, but a failure of the Goalfinder to meet its obligation, Goalfinder will allow a full amount refund to you.

Refund for Downtime
: In the event that the site should suffer prolonged downtime, or the project itself be halted, money will be returned to advertisers on a pro-rata basis less 10% of total amount , based on the length of the original ad run that is affected. We reserve the right to pull any rich media ad due to technical problems.

If we are unable to display the advertisement at any time during the term of the agreement due to acts of God, war, riot, strikes, system or transmission failure, action by any government or quasi-governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, explosion, embargo or for any other reason beyond our reasonable control, such failure to display the advertisement will not constitute a breach of this contract; provided, however that the advertiser may terminate this agreement if such failure to display the advertisement continues for more than Thirty (30) days. In such a case refund for unused portion of the payment will be given back (inclusive of 30 days the ad was not shown). A 10% of initial full amount will be deducted from the refund amount ( 10 % is towards our processing charges and those charged by banks and our payment gateway and the mail charges for sending the cheque to you.)

Ads are found inappropriate by us before display on the site : Goalfinder will allow a full amount less 10% reduction in the advertising fees. (10 % is towards our processing charges and those charged by banks and our payment gateway and the mail charges for sending the cheque to you)

Ads are found inappropriate post display on the site. In case any objection to the ad are cited by any other party, we will send an email to you for your validity proof or comments on the objection. In case the objections are found to be valid and the objecting party can prove their stand, your ad will be taken off, and no refunds will be admissible.

If you have a question that isn't covered here, please send an e-mail to us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Contracts, Commissions, and Cash Discounts
Advertising contracts are accepted at rates prevailing at the time the contract is received. Rates quoted in contracts will be honored for one year from the date upon which the contract is received. Rates are based on the total insertions, used in a 12-month period. Rates are subject to change on 60 days' written notice. However, all advertisers will be protected at their contracted rates for the duration of their present contract.


  1. We do not accept ads related to alcohol, bulk marketing products,violence,fireworks, illegal drugs, adult content, prostitution, Tobacco and Cigarettes, weapons, fake IDs, passports, diplomas, online casinos, Gambling/lottery, miracle cures, etc.
  2. We will reject an ad before or during a campaign if it is established that it is a replica, or imitation of the original, that promotes phishing through its code, infringement of someone else's copyright, Redirect URLs, Bridge Pages: Ads for webpages that act as an intermediary to redirect traffic to the parent company
  3. The advertisement, advertising icons and company logos displaying in such a way to show that they are a part of the site content.
  4. Advertisement making a health claim for its product that is not clearly substantiated. Advertisers may be required to submit supporting documentation to substantiate claims.
  5. Advertisements misleading the user. For example, they may mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes, error messages.
  6. Advertisements mimicking news headlines in design, tone, sentence structure, or topic.
  7. Ads linking to or initiating a Spyware (monitors a computer usage, sends information about the computer usage to a remote computer or server displays, or causes to be displayed an advertisement in response to the computer's usage without the knowledge or approval of the user)
  8. It violates any foreign, federal, state or local law or regulation; infringes or misappropriates any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, publicity or privacy rights of any person or third-party in any jurisdiction

Disclaimer & liability :

  1. We assume no responsibility and can in no way prove that the ad displayed on our site are authentic and not plagiarized, copied or modified copy of any ad running elsewhere on any medium, we do not establish any authenticity of the ad, we try to cross-check but in no case can do so for every ad displayed on our site, if any grievances are there, they should be directly addressed to the advertiser.
  2. All advertising is subject to Publisher’s approval. Rates, conditions and space units are subject to change without notice. Positioning requests that are not paid for are not guaranteed.
  3. For advertisements, the advertiser and/or his advertising agency assume liability for all ad content, including text preparation and illustrations. It is understood that the advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any loss, expense, or other liability resulting from any suits, including actions for libel, breach of warranty, negligence, product liability, misrepresentation, fraud, violation of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and any other claims or suits whatsoever that may arise from publication of such advertisement.
  4. The decision to allow items to be exhibited, advertised, and/or sold under the auspices of the Goalfinder does not necessarily constitute endorsement or approval of any product or service advertised, or any point of view, standard, or opinion presented therein.
  5. Goalfinder reserves the right to decline or cancel any submitted advertisement or discontinue posting of any advertisement previously accepted if technical, fraudulent or misrepresentative situations develop. We reserve the right to decline any link to or from our site that is unacceptable. The above mentioned list of inappropriate ads is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time.
  6. We will not be bound by any term(s) or condition(s) that an advertiser or exhibitor includes on order forms or invoices unless it has agreed in writing to such term(s) or condition(s).
  7. Except for the return of any charge that has been paid, Goalfinder is not liable for any alleged loss or damages if an advertisement is omitted for any reason.
  8. We do not assume any responsibility for any material contained on the Web site to which it links. We reserve the right to decline any link to or from our site that is unacceptable.
  9. We do not endorse the content on any third party websites. We are not responsible for the content of linked third-party sites, sites framed within the, or third party advertisements, and does not make any representations regarding their content or accuracy. Your use of third-party websites is at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such sites. We do not endorse any product advertised on the
  10. Goalfinder reserves the right to make changes to these policies at any time and encourages the advertiser to review the advertising policy each time advertising is purchased from us.


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Address E-mail to : Response

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: click on feedback to give online feedback

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Address : Goalfinder, C1-504, Ganga Osian Meadows, Thergaon, Chinchwad, Pune - 411033, India

Tel : 91-20-46740132 (Office landline Time: 9 AM to 6 PM IST, Mon-Sat)


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