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Heat and Temperature - Thermometry
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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

This physics educational animation explains in detail the concept of heat and how it is different from temperature and thermal energy. This animation is meant for high school and college physics classes.

Product - Animation
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Category : Physics
Type : Animation
Animation Type : Advanced

Total animation length
: 25 minutes

  • Concept of Heat?
  • What is heat? Meaning of "Hotness"
  • What is the difference between a hot and a cold object?
  • Energy transfer through collision
  • Comparison table hot - cold objects
  • Heat - Thermal energy - Example 1
  • Heat - Thermal energy - Example 2
  • Measuring & calculating heat
  • Table of units of heat
  • Modes of thermal energy transfer-
    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Radiation


animation of thermodynamic system and surrounding

These are fully animated examples explaining the constant interchange of thermal energy between a system and it's surrounding.

animation of conduction convection and radiation

animated thermal exchange example
Animated explanation of transmission of thermal energy by conduction, convection and radiation through daily life examples.

interactive metric system for heat calculation

Interactive description of all the energy measuring systems, for more information check out the preview section above
Details of the animation/ movie /software

This science animation explains the following in detail:

  1. What is heat? Meaning of "Hotness"
    is the term heat same as thermal energy
  2. What is the difference between a hot and a cold object?
    Explained on the basis of heat transfer.
  3. Energy transfer through collision
    Understanding energy flow as collision between atoms using iron rod as an example.
  4. Comparison table hot - cold objects
    Explained : What is the difference between hot and cold objects
  5. Heat - Thermal energy - Example 1
    What happens when we touch a cup of hot coffee - transfer of heat is explained as a thermodynamic system.
  6. Heat - Thermal energy - Example 2
    For a person is in a tub of hot water / cold water, thermal energy transfer explained between system and surroundings.
  7. Measuring & calculating Heat : Formula for measuring heat
  8. Table of units of heat
  9. Modes of thermal energy transfer

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Q & A
Q1: a simple example on heat energy for presentation ( for age 11 ) greeshma 29/12/2009
Q2: a simple example on light energy for presentation ( for age 11 ) greeshma 29/12/2009
Q3: is heat a good thing or bad thing salena 26/2/2009
Q4: whıch metals are the best conductors of heat? funda 9/2/2009
Q5: what is meaning of heat energy charmaine 3/2/2009
Q6: what is meaning of heat energy ella 3/2/2009
Q7: why is objective lens with bigger diameter used for the telescope? mil 25/1/2009
Q8: suggest two modifications to the weighing scale so that it can be used to weigh heavier load mil 25/1/2009
Q9: Can you please give me the concept map ( Science - Microsoft PowerPoint - States Of Matter ) for free ? Jordan Chooi Weng Fai 7/8/2008
Q10: this website keeps opening up to all my questions but has no or short answers tp them anna 8/4/2008
Ans: We are not doing this on purpose blame google for this ;) the answers are limited to 800 characters to preserve space else the webpage will become looong, regret that but cant help it
Q11: instruments use in measuring heat and temperature bryan macam 14/3/2008
Ans: bolometer - an instrument that measures heat radiation; extremely sensitive, calorimeter - a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat, katharometer - measures thermal conductivity, Liquid crystal thermometer, thermometer – measures temperature, constant volume gas thermometer, constant pressure gas thermometer - measures temperature by the variation in volume or pressure of a gas, Pyrometer is any non-contacting device that intercepts and measures thermal radiation.
Q12: What is heat? joel 3/10/2007
Ans: Heat is a form of energy that is transferred from one object to another because of a temperature difference; the word transfer is important, because heat is often confused with thermal energy that is the property of a body related to internal energy. In addition, heat should not be confused with temperature, which is the degree of hotness of a body. In the absence of work, heat is always transferred from a body with higher temperature (hotter) to one with lower temperature (colder).
Q13: questions that will come for my year 7 final exam please!!!!!!!!! Dimble 30/5/2007
Ans: Try any of these methods : Ask God!, Teachers, Previous batch students, Printer, Questions that appeared in last few years, guess, meditate, ESP, astrology, witchcraft, forums, blogs and last but the best of them Study hard
Q14: why liquid oxygen is used in space???? Alfa 30/5/2007
Ans: On Earth, oxidation uses atmospheric oxygen; in space, we take our own oxidizer. A rocket needs cheap, small storage, stable, incombustible but supporting combustion and highly energetic oxidizer. Liquid O2 meets the criteria. Gaseous oxygen is less dense & needs high tank volume but liquid oxygen being dense needs smaller tanks. It is a moderate cryogen -183 C (-297 F) so lesser insulation is needed. It gives the high specific impulse of 381 (less propellant is needed to gain a higher thrust).
Q15: can I get the free download or free version of this animation? rita sulistyowati 31/3/2007
Ans: We are sorry but at present both the options are not there, we are considering them as many visitors request free download or free viewing. However you can view this online for as cheap as $2 for an hour by subscribing to it. This small subscription opens up the site and you can watch any animation on our site. What’s more is that any number of your friends can simultaneously watch this animation anywhere in the world, if you give them the key. A facility used by schools around the world.
Q16: may i have free enimation a bout heat for my projuct Buthina 7/3/2007
Ans: Yes, you may use all pictures, clipart and free animation on the site including that in the download section and animated preview for your school project, we wish you the best - Admin
Q17: give me some question about heat enoin 26/2/2007
Ans: Thanks for the question; we were pleasantly surprised by it, so you want a question? How about, how is a building insulated from heat loss and gain? (This will involve wide research covering material, heat propagation mechanism and thermal insulation), we are developing an animation on it, we could use your research and give you credit for it. If you want a deeper topic look at “Phonon Transmission – (already released by us, but we need to revise it soon and hive it off as a separate product).
Q18: i need some animation about highschool physics kazemi 16/8/2006
Ans: Please refer to the shop or catalog section where you can sort as per age and subjects all animation for agegroup 11-16 are meant for high school some of the above 14 years are also useful

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