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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

Complete simulation of concave and convex lens. It is an interactive way of discovering where and what type of image will be formed if the object is placed at focus, centre of curvature etc. This animated physics (optics) software gives in-depth information about optical lenses and is very useful for schools and industry.

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Lenses simulation software:

Simulation of convex & concave lens

Properties of image formed at each stage explained

Interactive placement of candle (object )

Magnification, sign convention, formula, all cases of image formation in tabular format, power of lens
(in explanatory notes )

Note : No preview is available

concave and convex lenses simulation and animation

Screen showing the interactive simulation for concave lens, all the cases of object placement are discussed in detail

simulation convex lens
Screen showing the interactive simulation for convex lens, all the cases of object placement are discussed in detail
Details of the animation/ movie /software

Lenses are divided in two categories:
1. Converging lens or convex lens
2 .Diverging lens or concave lens
The best way to study them through an interactive tutorial where the lenses can be placed at different position and the ray diagram studied to understand it clearly. All possible positions for convex as well as concave lenses are shown here. Ray diagrams with explanations are given to elucidate the experiment.

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Q & A
Q1: Light P Venkateswarlu 6/6/2020
Q2: thanks OSA 11/5/2020
Q3: how image formed by concave lens jafer 1/5/2014
Q4: How these picture move? Alex 8/5/2012
Q5: A girl had a lens transplant. But the lens shifted out of position.For 1st time,doctors in Bangalore stuck it without sutures using a 'glue' comprising of thromboplastin & fibrinogen.It stuck in 20 seconds.Can you say what must have happened? anmol 30/1/2008
Ans: Fibrin glue is a blood product, a biological tissue adhesive, based on the final stage of coagulation wherein. Thrombin acting on fibrinogen converts it into fibrin. It has been in use since 1944. Fibrin glue consists of two main components: fibrinogen and thrombin. These are loaded into two syringes with tips forming a common port. When injected the two components meet at the point of delivery. The thrombin converts the fibrinogen to fibrin by enzymatic action at a rate determined by the concentration of thrombin. The more concentrated thrombin solution produces a fibrin clot in about 10 seconds, and the more dilute thrombin solution forms the clot about 60 seconds after the glue is applied to the surgical field. It is also used in skin graft, flaps, microneurovascular repair
Q6: when we hit a bed with a stick ,why do the dust particles come up? rohini 18/8/2006
Ans: Dust settles deep inside a carpet, when the carpet is hit with a stick two actions take place 1) the impact propagates a wave along the surface loosening the dust particles (tap on a paper with some powder on it to see it work ) 2) at the area of impact momentum from the stick is transferred to the carpet, since the dust particles are loosely bound to the threads , they jump in all directions along with other debris and are either carried away by air or spread around on the carpet and ground.

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