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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

If you are bored of learning in the conventional manner then take the power concept quiz route, No time limits, no negative marking. Plunge headlong into it, explore each question, the explanation is given in the quiz itself. The quiz is created for concept building and of course testing them also. This physics animation software is very useful for learning optics through quiz .

Product - Animation
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Watch a free preview of this science  and technology animation

Animation Type = Advanced

Total length of quiz depends on ones capability but on an average it will take 3 hours to complete the quiz

The science software file contains the Power concept quiz - light, meant for creating concepts - the topics included are point source, extended source, reflection, pinhole camera, plane mirror, spherical mirror, parabolic mirror, eclipse, rainbow, mirage, refraction, prism, total internal reflection, fiber optic cable, diodes, endoscope, pigments, filters, color light, rgb, cmyk system, additive and subtractive process etc.

The power concept quiz on light has been created for your learning and establishing concepts through quiz
The power concept quiz on light has been created for your learning and establishing concepts through quiz
quiz on light :The questions are graphical and interactive
The questions are graphical and interactive
quiz on light :Besides the evaluation, an explanation is always there so that you may clear your doubts immediately
Besides the evaluation, an explanation is always there so that you may clear your doubts immediately
Details of the animation/ movie /software

"Exploration - the core need of mankind. Curiosity- the driving force. Science - the tool for finding answers. We create better learning tools . All we need is your curiosity".

The conventional is a linear method of learning, you must have at times felt the boredom that comes along with it. Explored or nonlinear learning has its own advantages and pitfalls too. But the best thing about it is the testing-learning-testing cycle ensures rock solid concepts. The Power-concept-quiz on light has been created for just that only. Take a look by clicking on preview link.

Once the concepts are established and cleared in mind , then numerical are generally a breeze through. This quiz on light is meant to test but also build concepts by explaining each question in detail there and then, of course it is up to you to look at the explanations.

  • There is no time limit so take your time
  • There is no negative marking also
  • The quiz serves you questions randomly from a question bank hence next time you take the same quiz the questions might be different
  • There are feedback to let you know how you are performing
  • If you have gone through the content on our site then it will be easier to crack the quiz

This quiz covers the following area

  1. Point source,
  2. Extended source, Shadows - umbra , Penumbra
  3. Eclipse
  4. Periscope
  5. Pinhole camera
  6. Photosynthesis
  7. Reflection
  8. Plane mirror
  9. Spherical mirror
  10. Parabolic mirror
  11. Rainbow
  12. Mirage
  13. Refraction
  14. Lenses
  15. Diamond
  16. Prism
  17. Total internal reflection
  18. Fiber optic cable
  19. Diodes, endoscope
  20. Pigments
  21. Filters
  22. Color light- rgb
  23. Cmyk system
  24. Additive and subtractive process etc.

In preparation is Goalfinder- challenge-quiz on light that will be a hard nut to crack. Time limits, negative marking, confusing choices, situation questions, simulations will need crystal clear concepts and courage to beat it.

Enjoy learning!!

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Q & A
Q2: explain spherical abberation abiodun 25/7/2012
Q3: include laser hardik 3/3/2011
Q4: Why does the light bands when it enters from one medium into the other? Bhargav M. Joshi 10/8/2007
Ans: Refraction is due to a change in the speed of light as it passes from one medium to another, normally referred to as bending of light, if we take a wavefront of light , as it meets another medium the portion at one end meeting the medium first, slows down while another keeps on moving at the same speed causing a bending of wavefront to occur, once they enter the medium they move together again but with a new speed, the change in speed produces refraction.
Q5: why do only odd nos of images are formed in between inclined plane mirrors jain k s 10/11/2006
Ans: This is because of image of image formation, say with two mirrors at 90 deg angle between them, one image is formed in each mirror, and a third image is formed by the reflection of an image into another mirror causing the third one to be formed. Though the fourth image is also formed but it is not distinct as it overlaps the first image. Confusing! Yes it is, actually it is easier to understand through diagrams or through our animated ray diagrams.

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