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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

Animated school science " Matter " : Everything around us is matter, everything ! including us. This matter is a inhehrent part of any body be it celestial or earthly. It can be categorized into three forms with many substances easily converting from one form to another. This animated chemistry topic gives in-depth information about matter and its properties.

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Category : Science
Type : Animation
Total animation length: 35 minutes

The animation covers:

What is matter?
What are the different states of matter?
How matter undergoes changes?
Why do solids have definite shape and volume?
What is density?
How does the phase change in substance affect its density?
What is compression?
Why the gases can be easily compressed while solids cannot be?

More about matter in explanatory notes:

1. Are there any other states of matter besides solids, liquids and gases?
2. Why density of ice is less than that of water?
3. What are the forces involved in the binding of matter?

Boiling of water - change of state

Gases have large space between molecules

Boiling of water - change of state
Gases have large spaces between molecules

Matter is that which has mass and occupies space

Matter is that which has mass and occupies space

Solid, liquid and gaseous are the three states of matter

Solid, liquid and gaseous are the three states of matter

molecules of a liquid undergo three types of motion

Gases can be compressed to a fraction of their volume
molecules of a liquid undergo three types of motion
Gases can be compressed to a fraction of their volume
Solids cannot be compressed much

Ice is a solid
Solids cannot be compressed much
Ice is a solid
Molecules of a solid are packed tightly in a lattice structure

Molecules are loosely packed in a liquid
Molecules of a solid are packed tightly in a lattice structure
Molecules are loosely packed in a liquid
Change of state occurs in a solid when heated
Change of state occurs in a solid when heated
Details of the animation/ movie /software

About Matter : Anything that has mass, occupies space and can be felt by any one of the five senses.
All things around us as water, air, the human body, the animals, the food, the clothes, the rocks, means of transport e.g. cars, buses diesel, vans, trucks, airplanes etc are all matter as these occupy space, have mass and can be felt by our senses.

Depending upon the condition of temperature, pressure and its own nature. Matter can be classified into three states namely solid, liquid and gaseous state

Matter in the solid state has both a definite volume and a definite shape. The wood block is solid. A solid has a certain size and shape. The wood block does not change size or shape. Other examples of solid are the computer, the desk, and the floor. The molecules of a solid are closely packed. There is little space between them. As such they cannot move freely from one place to another (translation motion) nor can they rotate (rotational motion). They can only vibrate (vibrational motion) to and fro about their fixed position.

Matter in the liquid state has a definite volume but no definite shape, it takes on the shape of whatever container it is placed in; Milk is a liquid. It has volume. Volume means it takes up space. But milk doesn't have a definite shape. It takes the shape of its container. The molecules of a liquid are not so closely packed. The empty space between the molecules Is comparatively greater that of solid. The molecules can have some translatory as well as rotatory motion in addition to vibratory motion.

Matter in the gaseous state has neither a definite volume nor a definite shape and expands to fill any container.
You can't see oxygen. It's invisible. It is a gas. A gas is matter that has no shape or size of its own. Most gases have no color.

The molecules of a gas are very loosely packed and the space between them is very large. The molecular forces of attraction between the gas molecules are very weak
The gaseous molecule possesses motion of all three types, namely translation motion, rotational motion and vibration motion. The molecular forces of attraction between gas molecules are very weak and possess random motion .

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Q & A
Q1: rtgjio ghennou 29/3/2012
Q2: can I take animation free? sameera 8/4/2008
Ans: All the animation in download section are free for viewing
Q3: What happens when zinc carbonate is calcined? Please give chemical equation. pankhuri 23/1/2008
Ans: Calcinations is a process in which an ore is heated in absence of air to convert a carbonate ore into a metal oxide, calcinations converts zinc carbonate to zinc oxide and carbon dioxide ZnCO3 (s) --> ZnO(s) + CO2(g)
Q4: Can you please give us free animations?? i am not allowed to use credit cards online and i do not live in the USA..this will help me a lot and thanks for all the effort we find this site very helpful and easy to comprehend good work Zeina 20/9/2007
Ans: We are soon uploading some more free to view animation, please also visit the downloads section, for viewing free animation online
Q5: how to see animation omid 21/6/2007
Ans: Mr. Omid, in the “Downloads” section on our site, there are free animations that you can view online and some software is downloadable too, but product animations are in paid category,so either purchase them individually and download to view them offline or better still purchase a subscription by paying $2 to view all of them online, we add new animation every month, so you will find this investment well worth your money. You can then view them by logging in, and clicking on full version button.
Q6: what are the drawbacks of rutherford model ? soruee 26/5/2007
Ans: Refer our articles section for drawbacks of Rutherford, their is an article dealing with the discovery of nucleus by Rutherford
Q7: hi i want downlod animation chemistry jk 8/5/2007
Ans: To download the animation, add it your cart and then purchase it using your credit card or paypal and download it from our site
Q8: Can rainbow be classified as matter? Is it gas? Raissa Bayani 10/3/2007
Ans: Rainbow is formed due to light undergoing reflection and refraction through suspended water droplets in atmosphere hence it can be classified as matter, since the water droplets are suspended liquid it is not a gas. (Note : It is not formed due to water vapour but due to suspended water droplets)
Q9: free animation for my project in squ in oman Buthina 6/3/2007
Ans: Yes, you may use all pictures, clipart and free animation on the site including that in the download section and animated preview for your school project, we wish you the best - Admin
Q10: i want know basics science with animated explanations so please send some of related website addresses Dilsad imran 4/3/2006
Ans: Why! Did you not find our site good enough! ;) Actually there are many sites with animation but in our experience, few explain science in easy and comprehensive manner. Search them through Google and Yahoo (Ok Ok! We know that is how you reached us). For general collection of animation refer, For earth science, refer
Q11: how to see animation sonali 8/2/2006
Ans: full version animation are a paid facility, you can view them online by paying Rs 88/ $1

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