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Ever wondered about why sky is blue and sunsets are red, why a rainbow is formed, about eclipse or closer to the material world : why diamonds sparkle, how can a lens burn things, why mirage occurs these and many more questions are answered using physics and animations to explain them clearly

Rainbow - Primary and Secondary

Shadowless Bird - Umbra Penumbra

Changing color of lemon-Filters

Light - Bent Pencil

Why moon looks smaller as it rises in sky

Light - Can rival football teams wear same color

Lighting fire with magnifying glass

Flattened Sun at dusk-atmospheric refraction

Light - blue sky is red at sunset - Rayleigh scattering


Desert Mirage - Atmospheric refraction

Road Mirages - Atmospheric Refraction

Light - Longer day than actual - Atmospheric Refraction

Science behind Eclipse

Science of a Diamond sparkle

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