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Lenses and their Properties
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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

The application of convex lens to focusing light rays at a single point is explained in this school science animation, also find out how an ice can also be used for burning. Useful for understanding application of lenses.

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Besides the animation of the above concepts in detail the animation file also consists of the following in the explanatory notes section

  • What is meant by focal length?
  • Can a concave lens light a fire?
  • Why does paper burn?
  • Can a paper be burnt by focussing light from a bulb?
  • How can sun situated so far away burn a paper?

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    burning paper with convex lens
    Details of the animation/ movie /software

    Convex lens can be used to light up fire by concentrating the sun's rays at a point. Since the lens is located very far from the sun, the rays reaching the lens are essentially parallel.

    A beam of parallel light rays after passing through a convex lens converge at its focus. The object which is to be burnt should be placed at the focus of the convex lens. The lens focuses not only the sunrays but also their radiant energy at a single point which lights up fire.

    Even ice carved in a shape similar to convex lens can be used to light fire. The ice to be used should highly transparent and it'll behave as if it's a convex lens.

    If you are still unclear about the concepts, please refer the animation below.

    Besides the animation of the above concepts in detail the animation file also consists of the following in the explanatory notes section

    • what is meant by focal length ?
    • Can a concave lens light a fire ?
    • Why does paper burn ?
    • Can a paper be burnt by focussing light from a bulb ?
    • How can sun situated so far away burn a paper ?

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    Q1: who discoverd lens fire theory revathi 22/3/2016
    Q2: I did it with the students and it worked.Thank you farida 28/2/2011
    Q3: The heat from sun light shadow rays that pass through a lens,when it burns a carbon paper and store watts of energy if it is directed to analogue video convert ADC,will galatic picture be show on VDU of computer screen serial video input? Nzewi uchenna osita 13/4/2010
    Q4: can you e mail me this page? Robert Sanders 10/2/2006
    Ans: wehave emailed this file to you, an easier way would also be to use "save as" facility in your browser

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