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Overview         (For age - group : Below 16 )

Application of Periscope : How does a submarine judge the position of enemy ship, what has 45 degree angle got to do with it ? This animated physics topic gives in-depth information about Periscope.

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Periscope : The animation contains all the details about the optics of a periscope and how it functions



Details of the animation/ movie /software
Simple periscope is an instrument to view the objects which are not in the line of sight of the observer. It is used by the submarines to look at objects above the water surface while the observer remains concealed below. It can also be used to look over the heads of crowd by raising it above the obstacle or for observing the enemy movements from trenches without being seen. It is based on the principle of reflection between two parallel plane mirrors. A simple periscope consists of a long cylindrical hollow tube bent at right angles near the ends. The two plane mirrors are kept parallel and facing each other. They are fixed at 45 degree with the framework at the top and the bottom of the tube. Want to know more, please go through the animation below.

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Q & A
Q1: looking for prisms for periscope.let me know your email to send inquiry khalid jamil 21/5/2015
Q2: working principles methods of using periscope? hariharank 25/10/2009
Q3: Full Information Regarding Periscope Mukesh Dhiman 1/2/2009
Q4: Are there any significant differences of the images produced by prism periscopes and mirror periscopes? Rage 27/2/2008
Ans: The prism periscope is better than mirror one as all the light will be reflected at the single surfaces of each prism. The mirror surface suffers from ghosting and light losses due to partial reflections. Prisms, do not require coatings on the reflecting surface, are much more rugged than mirrors, give sharper images and won’t get dented when dropped ( but may break). It may have additional optical capabilities such as range finding and targeting. Mirrors almost certainly will weigh less but may oxidize over time, while a prism will last practically forever without changing.
Q5: details about light for class 8 akhila 10/3/2006
Ans: The portions we have covered for class 8 are laws of refraction (covering refraction of light and through glass slab), Prism (refraction through prism), Rainbow, blue sky red sunset (dispersion) & Lenses. Spherical mirrors is applicable to both class 7 & 8 both

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