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Overview         (For age - group : 11 - 16 )

Free Physics animation - See this full physics animation in preview : Why do we use a convex mirror in rear view mirror, what will happen if we use a plain mirror instead. This animated physics topic gives in-depth information about rear view mirror.

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Watch a free preview of this science  and technology animation

Free Physics Animation - Click on preview : Application of convex mirror as a rear view mirror

Application of a rear view mirror why convex why not plane mirror
How a rear view mirror, used in a car, ensures safety
A plane mirror used has a lower range as compared to the convex mirror
Details of the animation/ movie /software

Rear view mirrors of cars are also convex mirrors as they enable the driver to see a wide area of the road behind the car.

The convex mirror makes the rays of a parallel beam diverge as if they were coming from its focus, thereby producing a diminished virtual image, which the driver can see.

Convex mirrors reflect rays outwards: the rays coming from a convex mirror appear to come from a single point behind the mirror.

An image is formed behind the mirror and is smaller than the object. Convex mirrors can capture rays from a wide area.

Comparison between a plane mirror and a convex mirror would show that the field of view in the case of the convex mirror is much wider than a plane mirror.

If you are still unclear about the concepts, please refer the animation below.

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